Daniel Czechowski/Thomas Hauck/Georg Hausladen (Hg.)

This book addresses the theme of "green infrastructure" from the perspective of landscape architecture. It brings together the work of selected ecologists, engineers, and landscape architects who discuss a variety of theoretical aspects, research projects, teaching methods, and best practice examples in green infrastructure. Each chapter discusses its two aspects: hardware and performance. Hardware describes the tool or device used as a green infrastructure, whereas performance indicates the output or product of a green infrastructure.

  • Contributes to a "hot" international current debate on the approach of green infrastructure

  • Presents all multidisciplinary aspects of the relationship between design and ecology

  • Discusses innovative approaches and current designing projects in Green Infrastructure

  • Examines the use of scientific methods, terms and metaphors in designing and planning processes

  • Brings together the results of research in many countries, and is written by well-known specialists in the field

Daniel Czechowski/Thomas Hauck/Georg Hausladen (Hg.)
Revising Green Infrastructure - Concepts Between Nature and Design
Published by CRC Press
448 Seiten, 201 Bilder
Erscheinungsdatum: 06. November 2014

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